Ready to install a new fence?

A well-constructed fence is a big investment but the right fence will add value to your home.

Before you install a new fence, here are some important factors to consider:

1. Purpose

Determining the purpose of your fence will help you narrow down the vast array of style and material options. There are so many good reasons to add a fence to your home. Here are some of them:

2. Expense

With the huge variety of fence styles and materials on the market today, there’s a good chance you can find one to fit your budget. Knowing how much you want to spend will help narrow your choices.

Sometimes mixing fence materials can help you afford the look you want. For instance, if your home faces the street but the back is wooded, you may want to combine a wood fence on the areas facing the street with chain link on the backside. An experienced fence contractor will help you make the right choice

3. Materials


wooden fence is a popular choice for homes because it’s practical and attractive. Besides that, it’s cost-effective, long-lasting, available in many heights, and looks great painted in whatever color you choose. Although a good wooden fence should last about 15 years, keep in mind that ongoing maintenance and repairs are needed to keep it looking its best. Also, since wooden fences tend to attract pests, it’s a good idea to inspect the fence regularly.

Ornamental steel and aluminum

There’s nothing quite like the style and elegance of an ornamental steel or aluminum fence. Available in many styles and colors, the beauty of an ornamental fence adds both value and security to a home. Since neither rotting nor warping is an issue, the fence requires little maintenance. But keep in mind that although its durability makes it a sound long-term investment, an ornamental fence normally requires a higher front-end cost.


Although a vinyl fence is more costly than a wooden fence, it’s virtually maintenance-free. Since the color goes all the way through the vinyl, scratches and dents are not noticeable and wear and tear is minimal. Also, insects, pests, and rust aren’t an issue. Not only is a vinyl fence strong, but it can be styled to look like a picket, privacy, post and rail, or ornamental fence.

Chain link

Because a chain link fence is both practical and economical, it remains a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. Since it provides a clear view, a chain link fence doesn’t give intruders a place to hide. With newer vinyl-coated styles available in a variety of color choices, today’s chain link fence can be both stylish and resistant to rust.

4. Neighborhood covenants/city or town regulations

You don’t want to install a new fence that you end up having to modify or remove.  That’s why it’s important to abide by any applicable neighborhood, city or town regulations. Some homeowners; associations regulate colors, styles, materials, height, or how far your fence must be from a sidewalk. Your city or county will likely have regulations for a pool fence, but some may have requirements for the fence around your property as well.

5. Neighbors

Although you’re free to install a new fence regardless of your neighbor’s wishes, it’s always a good idea to let a neighbor in on your plans. (In some cases neighbors may even agree to share the cost of a fence if it benefits them.) Let them know if the installation is likely to affect them. In addition, you may want to let them in on the materials or fence height you plan to use.  It’s never a good idea to allow a fence to be a bone of contention simply because you neglected to let your neighbors know your plans.

6. Fence Installation

Although fence installers are easy to find, make sure the one you hire is licensed and certified.  Hire a professional fence contractor. Not only will a professional contractor make sure you end up with a quality product, but they’ll still be there after the installation is complete. Without exception, a good fence contractor will be willing to educate you about fence styles, materials, and installation, and they’ll be open to any questions you may have. (And make sure your fence contractor provides workman’s compensation insurance.)

To find a professional fence contractor, a good place to start is with the American Fence Association. Next look up the contractor’s website and go to their social media accounts to find customer reviews.

Accent Fence services the Atlanta area and is an American Fence Association Blue Ribbon Contractor.

Now get started!

After asking yourself the right questions, go ahead and install that fence you’ve been planning for! With your homework done, you should end up with a product that will enhance both your home and your lifestyle.

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