So, you want to install pool fences (also known as security fences) for your home? They keep the swimming pool area a fun filled zone that is free from accidents or injuries. If your kids like to spend time swimming in the pool then the fences can keep them safe. With security fences you can reduce the chances of injuries or drowning to a bare minimum.

When you search the market to obtain a fence that best suits your requirements, you will be amazed by the number of choices. There are many materials to choose from. Security fences are available in vinyl, metal, masonry, brick and wood. Material you choose should be instigated by many factors. One of the important aspects is landscape of your home.

What Material will meet Your Need?

Brick: Though brick fences are a wee bit more costly but they offer more privacy and security. If you have a historic neighborhood or a home with classic décor then the brick fences are ideal for your pool. Vinyl: This is cost effective option that is popular among the new neighborhoods.The fences have fine lines and they are easy to maintain (need no painting). Vinyl fences last longer last longer than many types of traditional fences. Wood: If you want to give your pool side a traditional look then wooden fences are the tried and tested option. The longevity of wooden fences varies from 10-15 years depending on their maintenance standards. Bamboo is a popular wooden fencing material. If you have a well maintained garden then the wooden fences will look gorgeous. Metals: You may opt for steel, aluminum or wrought iron fences. These are decorative fences that can significantly improve the looks of your property.When choosing security fencing materials always ponder over your outdoor decor.

How to Estimate the Real Costs of Pool Fence Installation?

Once you have finalized the fencing material it is time to call up a fence installation company and get your fences up. Most companies will listen to your requirements minutely before providing a quotation, but bear in mind these are rough estimates. They may vary by 10%. So, be ready to shell out some extra cash.

To make your pool fence sturdy, the professionals will have to dig underground. There may be boulders found beneath the earth surface, which is undetectable apparently. When your project gets stuck on a boulder there are two ways to approach it. You may go around the rock or dig up the rock. Both these instances will ask for extra efforts from the professionals and the charges will go up. Experienced pool fencing installation companies will access the condition of soil before giving a quotation.

Added Security Measures

If you want to protect your kids, always build a fence that is more than four feet in height. It would be impossible for the kids to climb such a height. You may also opt for a door in the pool fence that would be shut with electronic lock. Some pool owners are opting for opting for pool and fence alarms. When there is an abnormal disturbance in water, a loud alarm will sound and the gate will open. This can save your family from a serious catastrophe.

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