Fences have been a part of the American landscape since the first settlers began to divide the land into homesteads. Drive through most neighborhoods today and you will find fences surrounding many yards. Made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, or chain link, fences perform a variety of functions for homeowners.

If you do not already have a fence, here are some reasons you might want to consider having one professionally installed around your yard:

There are times when we all prefer some time away from the intrusions of the outside world. Many homeowners like to spend time outside without worrying about neighbors watching or listening to what they are doing. A fence can provide isolation and separation from neighbors, making your yard a private place to relax and entertain.

If you live near a busy street or have a neighbor with a barking dog, you know that outside noises can be disruptive to the peaceful environment of your home or yard. While no yard is soundproof, a privacy fence can block and reduce the noises that bother you most. A well-constructed privacy fence acts as buffer to environmental noise. Traffic, lawn equipment, and many other noises can be drastically reduced with the addition of a tall fence.

If you have children and pets, you know how quickly they can disappear from your sight. A fence provides added security to your loved ones by keeping them contained in a safe area. Not only can a fence keep your children and pets safe, it can prevent strangers and unwanted pests from entering your yard.

Pools are a great source of entertainment during the warmer months but they can be dangerous. Each state has very specific guidelines for fencing around pools. The various rules were created to prevent accidental drowning in unattended pools. A qualified fence builder should be knowledgeable of the specific pool fence guidelines for your state.

4.Define Property Lines:
A properly installed fence will give visual proof of property lines between neighbors. Knowing your property line eliminates any questions over where you should stop mowing or whose responsibility a fallen tree may be. Plus, a fence can block your view of a neighbor’s unsightly yard.

5.Increase Property Value:
A fence can increase a homeowner’s property value if you follow a few basic guidelines. First, when choosing a fence to install, consider which style and material will best compliment your home’s appearance. You will want a fence that blends well with your home and yard. Secondly, be sure to hire a professional fencer to ensure that your fence will be installed properly and legally. Finally, make sure your fence is properly maintained to enhance its beauty and extend its life. Painting, staining, and power washing can keep your fence looking fresh and new.

Protect your family, increase the value of your property, and enjoy the privacy that a custom built fence can provide.

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